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There are two parts to joining eXp Realty. Its starts with an application, then completing the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA). The eXp Realty ICA is comprehensive and complete. All the promises we are making to you are here, and all your responsibilities to us as well. We’ve outlined all the steps to complete the steps using the site here so you can get your real estate license transferred and start selling real estate. 

Step 1 – Start the Sign up Application

Its easiest to join on your desktop or laptop computer. Open a seperate window or tab on your browser and Go to the The process of signing up to starts with an application. You first need to submit an Application. The process is as follows:

  1. Click on the button “APPLY AS AN AGENT” in the upper right corner of the website. You will be prompted to which looks like this: 

2. Fill out the required information in the boxes (name, email, cell phone number, and country). After you do this, you will get the following message

Step 2: Check Your eMail

  1. You will receive an email from eXp Realty that your application is being processed, after which you will receive an email with your login information:
    • Your guest access username
    • Your guest access password

This is the information you will use to sign in at

Helpful tip: The eXp ICA is best completed on a connected device like a tablet, laptop, or desktop device. A larger screen allows you to see the article and ICA side by side.

  1. Once you enter the login information you received on your email, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Click on “Configure factor,” enter your phone number and authenticate your guest access with the SMS code you received on your phone. Keep in mind that you have to have the U.S. or Canadian phone number to receive the SMS message with the authentication code. 
  • You will also be asked to set up a security question in case you forget your password. 
eXp ICA Create Account Screenshot

After you sign in, you will be prompted into the join.eXp Application Overview dashboard that looks like this: Application Overview Dashboard

Here, you can keep track of your onboarding process, check your application status, and access some useful guides and books that will help you. 

There is a step by step visual guide on the top where you can see which actions are your responsibility and which actions will be done by eXp.

eXp Join Process Dashboard

The next step is filling out and signing an Independent Contractor Agreement. You can see the status of this step in the Application Overview Dashboard. 

eXp ICA Application Overview Dashboard

Once you click on the “Let’s Go” button (it will turn into a “Take me back!”, you will be prompted to a 6-step process where you will finalize your onboarding process:

  1. Personal
  2. Sponsor
  3. License
  4. Experience
  5. Financial 
  6. Documents 

*Note: You can see each step of the process on the top side of the page and go back to it at any point in the process.

Step 1: Personal Information

In this step, you will be required to enter some additional personal information such as your mailing address, email state, city, and some other optional information. 

Adding an Emergency Contact is also mandatory – name, relationship with the Contractor, phone number, and email.

On the bottom side of the Personal Information Form, you will see two bolded Yes/No questions you :

  • Have you ever been associated with eXp Realty in the past or present? Yes/No
  • Do we have your permission to send you updates and reminders via text message? Yes/No

Finally, to continue, you must read and agree to eXp Realty Privacy Notice (Terms & Conditions) by checking the box “I Acknowledge” on the bottom of the screen.

eXp Realty ICA Personal Information Form

Once you’re done with this page, click on the green button “Save and Continue” found on the bottom right side.

Step 2: Sponsor Information 

This step is important! Make sure to read the full text of this step before completing it.

If you don’t yet know who you will be naming as your sponsor, be sure to read the Agent Advice guide to eXp Sponsorship.

The Sponsor Information contains information about what a sponsor is and a video where sponsorship is explained. There are two options to choose from: 

  • Choose your sponsor on your own, or
  • If you do not choose a sponsor, eXp Realty will hold that sponsorship position 
eXp Realty ICA Sponsor Information

You are required to watch the video as an acknowledgment of the sponsor rules and program. Once you’re done with the video, click on the green button below the video, “I have viewed the video and understand the sponsorship policy.” When you do this, your acknowledgment time and date will be logged into the system.

Following the sponsorship video acknowledgment, you will be asked the question, “Do you wish to name a specific eXp Realty Agent/Broker as your sponsor?”. This is where you should enter the name of the person who helped you join eXp Realty.

  • *IMPORTANT: Make sure you do this because the sponsor will receive compensation from eXp as a token of gratitude from eXp Realty for helping you get onboarded! 

If you choose “Yes” you will be asked to provide a few information about your sponsor:

If I have been helpful in you joining eXp Realty please submit me as your sponsor:

Frank Valente, CA 916-257-0893

My Information is Frank Valente, CA (916)257-0893

*Note: Once the application is completed, changes in sponsorship will not be made under any circumstances.

**IF YOU ARE UNCLEAR on who should be named as your sponsor, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED with your application until you are 100% certain.

Step 3: Primary Real Estate License Information

In this step, you are asked basic information about your license; how long have you been licensed and in which country and province your primary license is held.

eXp Realty ICA Primary Real Estate License Information

After you answer these questions, you’ll be asked the status of your license, and based on your answer, some other questions will load. 

eXp Realty ICA Real Estate License Status

If you select “In school” – not licensed yet or “Finished school – haven’t taken state exam” there will be no additional questions, and you can move on to the next step by clicking “Save and Continue”

If you select “Passed state exam – waiting on my license” or “License in hand – ready to place my license” there will be some additional questions about your license:

eXp Realty ICA License Status Form Questions

Once you submit all answers, you’ll see a short summary to confirm that all information you entered is current and correct. 

eXp Realty ICA Real Estate License Summary

By clicking “Save and Continue,” you confirm the information and go over to the next step.

Step 4: Real Estate Experience

This section will ask a few Yes/No questions about your previous real estate experience, your brokerage, and your licensing history. Make sure you answer them truthfully, especially the ones about having any license suspensions or complaints. 

eXp Realty ICA Real Estate Experience

Step 5: Financial Information

The Financial information step covers a few areas:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • W9 Information – income and tax information
  • Exemptions (apply only to entities) 
  • Address Information – address of the individual or entity
  • Additional Information (optional information) 
  • Direct Deposit – the account where payments for services will be sent, as well as obligations or other reimbursements

The most confusing questions in the entire eXp Realty application are below. Hopefully these answers below help:

  1. “Would you like to participate in the agent equity program?”  
    • eXp will set aside 5% of the Agent’s Net Commission on transactions.  The best part? You get a 20% discount on the stock – so it’s like you’re getting paid 20% more on that 5%.  The only downside is that the exp stock has less liquidity than cash.  If you’re unsure if you want to participate, just click no – you can always opt-in later.
  2. Would you like to be paid as a company? 
    • This essentially means do you want eXp to cut a check directly to you – or to a company you own (for example, an LLC you’re using for tax purposes).  If you don’t have a company, just select no.
eXp Realty ICA Agent Financial Information

If you classify as a business in regards to federal taxation, you will also be asked to provide your business name and EIN as shown in the screenshot:

eXp Realty ICA W9 Information

Once you’ve entered this information, you will again get a summary of everything you wrote to confirm if you’ve entered the correct information. 

eXp Realty ICA Financial Confirmation Summary

Step 6: Documents

Once you’re done with all of the above, the last step is to sign your Independent Contractor Agreement – ICA.  

eXp Realty ICA Almost There Message

Once you click on “Sign my documents” your ICA will start loading. All the information you entered in the application will be automatically filled out in the agreement. 

Make sure you read and understand each part of the ICA as it’s a binding contract. You need to create your name on the bottom of the contract, which can be done electronically through the system with your mouse. 

eXp Realty ICA Section 6
eXp Realty ICA Electronic Signature Generator Page

Once you’re happy with how your signature looks, click “Insert Everywhere” so it automatically fills out in every required field.

After you’ve entered your signature and re-checked the ICA, click on “Next.” This will prompt you to another document with a few more blank fields where you need to enter your payment information. As you can see, you have the option of paying through a Credit Card or a Checking Account. In the fields of the payment option, you DON’T want to use, enter “N.A..”  

By signing, you agree to have eXp Realty charge you the $85 monthly Cloud Brokerage. Once the application and agreement have been accepted by you and eXp Realty.

eXp Realty ICA Recurring Charges Payment Source

When you enter all information, your W9 Form will automatically fill out along with your signature. To approve everything, click “Continue.” 

You will be taken to the Independent Contractor Agreement once again. You’ll be asked to agree to be legally bound by the ICA, for which you need to click “I Agree” once again.

eXp Realty ICA Electronic Signature Signing

With this, you’ve successfully submitted your eXp Application. Next, you will wait for an agent transition professional to collect and verify your paperwork.

  1. After you send your paperwork, eXp Realty will review and approve it. You will then receive an email with the completed Independent Contractor Agreement that is signed off by the eXp Realty team. The email will be titled “Copy of your Independent Contractor Agreement). ” Your Designated Managing Broker is also required to sign off your file as your license being transferred (They will receive an email with the subject “License Transfer Process”).
  2. Once you’re done with all of the above, the last step is to activate your email address, which will activate your account. 
  3. You will receive a few welcoming emails from our team once you join.eXp realty:
    • Welcome Email (Subject: Welcome to eXp Realty! Your Passport Account)
    • Skyslope Email (Subject: Activate Your eXp Realty SkySlope Account)
    • Agent Services checklist email with an explanation of the services offered
  4. In one of the mails, you will get a link to access eXp Enterprise. eXp Enterprise is where you can access all of the essential eXp Realty systems, training calendar, market resources, and calendar, view your transactions, revenue share, and stock information.

The whole onboarding process can be finished within 48 hours, depending on the involvement and accuracy of the parties involved. 


The goal now is to help you get your business up and running. We’ll be in touch shortly, and you should receive an email and call from us on how to get going and working as an eXp Agent. We’re excited to show you the seamless and stress free processes eXp Realty has built to get you up and running quickly.

Can’t wait for the email and call? Check out the Onboarding Resources

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